Christmas Crunch

Christmas Crunch 1.0

A new version of an old game with a seasonal twist
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Christmas Crunch is the usual Jawbreaker game, in which you need to find groups of same-colored candies and remove them from the board. Nevertheless, this one has a Christmas twist. Instead of finding candies, you need to find Christmas ornaments and crunch them out. The more ornaments you crunch simultaneously, the higher is the score you get. Also, there is a minimum of ornaments you need to crunch, which increases slightly with every level. This is the only challenge added, since the game is not timed, so you can play it at your own pace. If you fail to crunch the minimum of ornaments needed, then you can't pass to the next level and need to restart the game from level 1.
Although it is a game one has played thousands of times in several other versions, one can't help but play it again and again since it is fun and highly addictive. Also, you can send your score to Mindjolt's webpage and compare it with those of other players. All in all, the game is entertaining and fun, but if you love more challenging games, then you may prefer to choose another one.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Fun
  • Easy to play


  • Game window is surrounded by advertisements, which can be distracting
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